Checking Notifications

When any updates are made in Kintone such as apps and spaces, notifications about them are sent.
You can view notifications for 70 days. After 70 days since delivery, you cannot view notifications. However, for the notifications marked with "Flagged", you can view them even after 70 days until they are unmarked.

How to Check Notifications

Kintone notifications can be checked as follows:

  • From the portal
  • From the "Notifications" page
  • By e-mails
  • Check push notifications on Mobile apps

Checking Notifications on the Portal

Notifications can be checked on the portal (top page of Kintone).

Checking Notifications on the "Notifications" Screen

Click the notification icon Notification icon to display a list of notifications.
The number of To Me notifications received will be displayed over the notification icon.
The Difference Between "To Me" Notifications and Other Notifications

Checking Notifications by E-mail

Notifications related to apps, spaces, People, and messages can be received via e-mails.
Setting E-Mail Notifications

E-mail Notifications must be enabled in the system settings. By default, this feature is enabled.

Checking Push Notifications on Mobile Apps

On Mobile apps, you can receive push notifications.
By tapping push notifications received on iPhone and Android, you can check the details of notifications.

If you don't see any notification, check the notification settings on your iPhone or Android.

  • Notification setting on iPhone
    Go to Settings > kintone > Notifications and make changes as necessary.

  • Notification setting on Android
    Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > kintone and make changes as necessary.

The methods to change notification settings may be different depending on the OS versions.
For details on notifications on mobile devices, see the "Understanding Notifications on Mobile Devices" page.

Filtering Notifications to Be Displayed

On the portal and on the "Notifications" page, you can filter notifications to be displayed.
To filter notifications, select the filter condition from the drop-down list.

The filter can be added using the method below.

  1. From the portal, click the drop-down list under Notifications and then click "New Notification Filter". Image
  2. Specify each item in the "Notification Filter Settings" window.
    • Name
      Enter the filter name to be saved under.
    • Notification Type
      To narrow it down only to "To Me" notifications, select "To Me".
    • Locations
      To filter notifications by a specific app or space, select either "Includes any of" or "Does not include" and specify the location.
    • Sent From
      To narrow down to only the notifications of actions by a specific user, specify the user.
  3. Click "Save".

Marking Notifications as "Flagged"

If you click Image for a notification, the notification is marked as "Flagged".
For the marked notifications, you can view them even after the allowed period (70 days) until they are unmarked. On the portal or on the "Notifications" page, you can select the "Flagged" filter to check only the marked notifications.

Grouping Notifications

On the list of notifications, the "To Me", "Flagged", and "All" notifications (or filtered notifications) are grouped by the conditions defined, with the "+X others" label.

The notifications are grouped by following conditions.

Feature Actions that are grouped together Grouped by
Space Add spaces, edit body texts of space, change settings, and change guest space members Space
Thread Add threads, edit body texts of thread Thread
Thread Post comments, reply to posted comments, and click "Like" for posted comments and replies Comments posted
People Post to people, reply to posted comments, and click "Like" for posted comments and replies Comments posted
Messages Post to messages, and click "Like" for posted comments Users to whom you perform actions
App Add records, edit to same records, update status, and post comments Record
App Import records, export records, bulk delete records, notify periodic reports, and export graph or pivot table App or the type of actions