Posting Comments to Threads

You can post your comment to a thread in a space to communicate with thread followers.

When a comment is posted to a thread, the notification is sent to the users who are following the thread. If you specify users as recipients when posting your comment, a notification is sent to them as "To Me", regardless of whether they are following your thread or not. However, in a private space, even if you specify a user and post a comment, the notification will not be sent as long as the specified user is not participating in the space.

To post your comment to a thread, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the comment section in the thread. Comment section image

  2. Enter your comment.
    If necessary, specify the comment recipient.
    Specifying Comment Recipients

  3. Click "Post".

Your comment is now posted.
Image of the posted comment

In the posted comment, the following information is displayed.

  • Comment posted datetime
    It will be displayed on the upper right of the comment. The comment posted datetime works as a unique link to the comment. When you click the comment posted datetime, you can move to the linked comment. You can also right-click the comment posted datetime to copy the comment permalink using the feature of your web browsers.

  • Like
    You can express your positive feeling towards the comment, or indicate that you have read the comment.

  • Reply/Reply to All
    When you click Reply in a comment, you can send your comment to the user who posted the comment.
    When you click Reply to All in a comment, you can send your comment to the user who posted the comment, as well as other users, groups and departments that are included as recipients in the comment.

  • Action
    You can copy a comment and its URL to a record in the specified app.
    In guest spaces, thread actions cannot be used.

  • Link
    You can display the link of the comment.

  • Delete
    You can delete the comment you posted. Delete will not be displayed for the comments posted by other users.