Posting Comments on Threads

Article Number:040707

You can post your comment on a thread in a space to communicate with thread followers.

When a comment is posted to a thread, the notification is sent to the users who are following the thread. If you specify users as recipients when posting your comment, a notification is sent to them as "To Me", regardless of whether they are following your thread or not.
"To Me" notifications

However, in a private space, even if you specify a user and post a comment, the notification will not be sent as long as the specified user is not participating in the space.

To post your comment on a thread, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the comment section in the thread. Comment section image

  2. Enter your comment.
    As necessary, mention users with '@' to direct your comment to specific users.
    Mentioning Users in Comments

  3. Click Post.

You have successfully posted a comment.
Image of the posted comment

Posted comments display the following information.

  • Date and time at which the comment is posted
    The date and time is displayed at the upper right of the comment. It works as a unique link (permalink) to the comment. Clicking the date and time opens the link to the comment. It is also possible to right-click the date and time and use the feature of your Web browser to copy the permalink.

  • Like
    You can express your positive reaction to the comment or indicate that you have read the comment.

  • Reply / Reply to All
    You can click Reply to create a reply that contains a mention (@mention) to the user who posted the comment.
    When you click Reply to All in a comment, you can send your comment to the user who posted the comment, as well as other users, groups and departments that are included as recipients in the comment.

  • Action
    You can copy a comment and its URL to a record in the specified app.
    In guest spaces, thread actions cannot be used.

  • Link
    You can display the link to the comment.

  • Delete
    You can delete the comment you posted. Delete will not be displayed for comments posted by other users.