Is it possible to create a chart (or perform further calculation) based on the aggregate results?

Article Number:040187

You cannot perform further calculation on aggregate results using the data aggregation / chart feature. For example, you cannot further calculate the proportion of a value to a certain field value based on the aggregate result.

However, if you want to show the total sales amount and the achievement rate on the same screen, you can place fields for the sales amount, target amount, and achievement rate respectively on the form, and then calculate "sum" for the sales amount and the achievement rate and calculate "average" for the target amount.
In this case, it is recommended that you select Table instead of Bar chart for a chart type. This is because it is going to be difficult to view the calculated achievement rate on the chart when the number of digits is hugely different between the calculated values in the achievement rate and the sales amount fields.
Examples of configurations are as follows.

First, place the following fields on the form of the app.

Example of field settings
Field Name Field Code Field Type
Date Date Date
Contact Name Contact_Name User selection
Monthly Target Amount Monthly_Target_Amount Number
Sales Amount Sales_Amount Number
Achievement Rate Achievement_Rate Calculation
- Formula: Sales_Amount / Monthly_Target_Amount * 100
- Unit of measure: % (Suffix)

Configure a chart for calculation. You can specify any name for the chart.
Refer to Creating Charts on the App Settings Screen.

Example of chart settings
Chart Type Table
Group by Level 1: "Date" "by the month"
Level 2: "Contact Name"
Function "Average" "Monthly Target Amount"
"Sum" "Sales Amount"
"Sum" "Achievement Rate"
Filter All records
Sort By "Level 1" "Ascending"

Add the following records.

Example of added records
Date Contact Name Monthly Target Amount Sales Amount Achievement Rate
2021-07-01 A 300000 20000 6.67%
2021-07-08 A 300000 15000 5%
2021-07-12 A 300000 30000 10%
2021-07-05 B 250000 10000 4%
2021-07-15 B 250000 50000 20%

Check the aggregate result.
Refer to Creating Charts

Example of aggregate records
Date (by the month) Contact Name Average (Monthly Target Amount) Sum (Sales Amount) Sum (Achievement Rate)
2021-07-01 B 250000 60000 24%
2021-07-01 A 300000 65000 21.67%

In this way, you can show the sales amount and achievement rate on the same screen.