Creating App from Template

Article Number:040632

You can create new apps from app templates registered in your Kintone.
The "Create from Template" screen displays app templates registered by Kintone Administrators.
If no app template is registered in Kintone Administration, you will not see the Create from Template option in the Kintone Marketplace.

  1. On the Kintone Portal, click the Create App icon (the plus sign-shaped icon in the Apps section). Screenshot: The "Create App" button on Portal is highlighted

  2. Click Create from Template.
    Create from Template is not displayed if no app template is registered in Kintone Administration. Screenshot: "Create from Template" on the screen to create apps is highlighted

  3. Click Use This Template for the template you want to use.
    If you select a template labeled "Pack," multiple apps contained in the template are created at once. Screenshot: Screen to create an app from an app template

You have successfully created an app. Screenshot: An app is added on Portal