Enabling/Disabling Plug-Ins

Article Number:040567

In the Plug-ins page of the App Settings, you can enable or disable a plug-in.
A plug-in is set to the "Enabled" status when it is added. If you disable the plug-in, it will not be loaded to the screen (such as record details and view) and stops functioning for app users.

For example, if there are some problems with the app after adding a plug-in, you can temporarily suspend (disable) the plug-in. You do not need to delete the entire plug-in setting to identify the cause of the problems and fix them.

To enable or disable the plug-ins, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the app settings button Settings button at the upper right of the "View" screen, select the App Settings tab, and then select Plug-ins under Customization and Integration.

  2. If you want to disable an active plug-in, click Disable.
    If you want to enable an inactive plug-in, click Enable.

  3. Click App Settings in the message displayed at the top of the screen or click Settings in the breadcrumbs.

  4. Click Update App at the upper right of the App Settings screen and click OK.