Basic Usage of Formulas

If you set formulas in the apps, you can sum up values of multiple fields, or perform a calculation based on the values and selection status in other fields.
In Kintone, you need to use field codes when you refer to the fields in the formulas.

Writing Formulas

To write a formula, use the following steps.

1. Change the field code of the field you want to refer in the formula

2. Use the field code to write a formula

For example, you can put number fields called "Unit Price" and "Quantity".
Open the field settings screen using the Settings button Settings button and specify the field codes as "Unit_Price" and "Quantity", respectively.
Example Then, write a formula "Unit_Price*Quantity" in the Calculated field setting screen.

Calculations That You Can Use in Kintone

In Kintone, you can perform the following calculations in apps.

Steps to Set a Formula

This section shows you the detailed steps for setting multiplication.
You use the Number field to enter a number, and the Calculated field to display result.

Image of the created app: Image of the calculated formula

  1. Click the Settings button Settings button on the upper right of the View, and select the "Form" tab.

  2. From the parts list shown on the left side, drag and drop two Number fields.

  3. Open the screen to set the Number field, and set the field name and the field code.
    In the first Number field, specify "Unit Price" as the field name and "Unit_Price" as the field code. Then, in the second Number field, change the field name and the field code to "Quantity", and click Save.

  4. Place the Calculated field.

  5. Open the screen to set the Calculated field, and enter "Subtotal" as the field name.

  6. Set the formula. Since you perform calculation by multiplying the unit price by the quantity, enter "Unit_Price*Quantity".

  7. Click Save for the Calculated field.

  8. Click Save Form on the upper left side of the screen, and then click Update App on the upper right side of the screen.

Now you have completed the formula settings.
If you enter unit price and quantity in the screen to enter data in records, you can see the result in the subtotal field. Subtotal is calculated automatically by entering the numbers

If You Get an Error

If you get some error messages while setting formulas and entering data in records, you can find the solutions on the following pages.