Basics of Using Formulas

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Setting formulas in apps lets you do things like calculate the sum of multiple values or perform calculations based on the values and selections of other fields.

Formula basics

  • Formulas are entered on the settings screens of "Calculated" and "Text" fields.
    "Calculated" and "Text" fields are the only fields with which formulas can be used.
    Use a "Calculated" field if you want the calculation result to be treated as a numeric value, or use a "Text" field if you want the result to be treated as a string value.

  • Use field codes to refer to fields in a formula.
    A field code is a string used for identifying a field. It is used for calculation.
    For details, refer to the following pages.
    Overview of Field Codes
    Fields That Can/Cannot Be Referenced in Formulas

  • Use functions and operators.
    In Kintone formulas, you can use half-width operators (e.g., "+", "-", "*", "/") and functions.
    For details on the operators and functions that can be used, refer to List of Operators and Functions.
    You can use multiple operators and functions together in a single formula.

How to set formulas

As an example of how to set a formula, this section shows the steps to set a formula for multiplying numeric values.
You will use "Number" fields for entering numeric values, and a "Calculated" field for displaying the calculation result.

Image of the app with configured fields: Image of the calculated formula

  1. Click the App Settings icon (the gear-shaped icon at the upper right of the app's "View" screen), then select the Form tab.
    Screenshot: The "App Settings" icon

  2. Place two "Number" fields on the app form by dragging the "Number" field displayed in the list of fields on the left side of the screen and then dropping it onto the right area of the screen. Screenshot: The app form

  3. Open the settings screen of each "Number" field and set the field name and field code for each field.
    As for the first "Number" field, set "Unit Price" and "Unit_Price" as the field name and field code respectively, and click Save. As for the second "Number" field, set "Quantity" as both the field name and field code, and click Save.
    Screenshot: A GIF that shows field names and fields codes being changed

  4. Place a "Calculated" field on the app form.
    Screenshot: The app form

  5. Open the settings screen of the "Calculated" field and set "Subtotal" as the field name. Screenshot: The "Field Settings" icon Screenshot: Changing the field name

  6. Set a formula. In the formula, use the field codes of the fields that you want to use in your calculation.
    Since you want to multiply the unit price by the quantity, enter the following: Unit_Price*Quantity
    Screenshot: Setting the formula

  7. Click Save on the field setting screen of the "Calculated" field.

  8. Click Save Form on the upper left side of the screen.

  9. If you are creating a new app, click Activate App at the upper right of the screen and click OK on the confirmation dialog.
    If you are changing the settings of an existing app, click Update App at the upper right of the screen and click Update App on the confirmation dialog.

Now you have completed setting the formula.
When you enter a unit price and quantity on the screen for adding or editing a record, the calculation result will appear in the "Subtotal" field. A subtotal is automatically calculated when numeric values are entered

If an error message appears

If an error message appears when setting a formula or entering data on a record, refer to the following pages for solutions.

Calculations that can be performed on Kintone

In Kintone, you can perform the following calculations in apps.