App settings page

Article Number:040473

In the app setting page, you can configure various items such as forms, lists, graphs, notifications, and permissions to suit your business needs.
You can configure app settings any time, even after you activated apps.

This topic describes how to open the App Settings page and apply the settings you have configured.
For more details on the configurable options, refer to Configurable Options in App Settings.

Opening the App Settings Screen

To open the app setting screen, click one of the following buttons on the view or the record details screens.

  • Setting button (app setting button): Opens the app setting screen.
  • Down arrow button (down arrow button): Displays shortcuts to setting screens for each item. The details are as follows:      
    Field Discussion
    Open Settings of This View
    (Only when existing view is displayed)
    Opens the setting screen for the view currently displayed.
    Save Current Column Widths
    (Only when existing view is displayed)
    Opens the setting screen to save the column width.
    Open Settings of This Graph
    (Only when existing graph is displayed)
    Opens the setting screen for the graph currently displayed.
    Open Settings of This Form
    (Only when record details screen is displayed)
    Opens the Form settings screen.
    Form, View, Graph, App Settings Opens the screen for each tab on the Settings screen.
    General Settings, Notifications, Customization and Integration, Permissions, Advanced Settings Directly opens the setting screen for the selected item.

Applying Changes in App Settings

If you made any changes in the App Settings, you need to click Update App on the upper right side of the screen to apply changes to your production environment. By performing this action, you can apply the setting changes you have configured to your production environment, without showing users the setting changes that are still in progress.

If you have any changes that have not been applied to your production environment, the Update App button is highlighted in blue. If this button is grayed out, it means you don't have any changes that need to be applied.

The changes you made in the App Settings can be saved as a draft or discarded. For details, refer to the following page:
Is it possible to save changes to the app settings as a draft without applying them to the actual environment?

You can also use the Preview feature to make sure that the setting changes work as you expect before you apply them to your production environment.

Users Who Can Open the App Settings Page

The app settings page can be opened only by Kintone Users & System Administrators and the users who have permission to manage the target app. The App Settings button will not be displayed for the users who are not Kintone Users & System Administrators and the users who do not have app management permission.
By default, app creators have permission to manage the app they created.

If you want to change who can manage a specific app, the current app administrator need to do the following actions.

  1. On the Settings screen, select the "App Settings" tab, and then open Apps under the "Permissions".

  2. In the User, group and department to grant permissions to section, add users, groups, or departments to whom you want to grant the Manage app permission.

  3. Select the Manage app option for the users, groups, or departments you just added.
    Please note that the uppermost setting on the list is given a higher priority when you add multiple permission settings.