Managing Space Templates

Creating space templates on each space enables you and other users to create spaces later based on those templates.
By creating a space with a space template, the same settings will be applied to the newly created space. It is very helpful if you want to create multiple space with the same settings configured.

Creating or managing space templates requires Kintone administrative permission.

For more details on how to create a space template, refer to Creating a Template from a Space.
We also recommend that you refer to the data that are not included in space templates before creating a spate template.

You can view a list of space templates that users created on the Space Templates screen.
Space Templates screen

To display the Space Templates screen, click the Settings button Settings button on the upper right of the Kintone screen, and click Kintone Administration. Click Space Templates on the system administration screen displayed.

  • To edit the name or the description of a space template, click the Edit button Edit button.
  • To delete a space template, click the Trash button Trash button, and click Delete.

You can export the created space template and import it into Kintone in a different domain. You can also import the space template, which is exported from Kintone in the other domain, into your Kintone.