Summarizing and Creating Graphs of Monthly Order Amount

In Kintone, you can easily create a graph of a summarized result (daily/monthly/yearly result) just by selecting an item in the screen to summarize data.

This page describes how to summarize monthly order amount and display the summarized result in a column chart in an app to manage orders.


Suppose that the form has the following fields:

  • Order Date field
  • Order Amount field


Summarize the values in the Order Amount field, and categorize the result by months based on the information entered in the Order Date field, and then display the data in a column chart.

  1. On the view screen of the app, click the create graph icon Column chart icon.

  2. From "Design a Graph Starting from Graph Type", click "Column chart".

  3. Specify each item.

    • Chart Type: Column chart, Clustered graph
    • Group by (Level 1): Order Date, Monthly
    • Function: Total, Order Amount
    • Filter: All records
    • Sort by (Level 1): Ascending Picture
  4. Click Apply.
    Monthly order amount is calculated and displayed in a graph.