By placing a Lookup field, you can reference the record data in other app and retrieve (copy) the data. Because you do not need to input the same data repeatedly, you can avoid inputting errors and shorten the time to input.

For example, place a Lookup field in a Lead Management app, and then specify a Customer Management app as a Datasource App that you look data for. As a result, you can retrieve data from the Customer Management app when adding a record in the Lead Management app. Lookup fields

Fields and Features That Are Often Combined

  • Related Records fields
    You can list records that match the condition specified, by using a Related records field.
    This field is useful when you want to put together related information into one record, since you can display records stored in another app or in the same app.

  • App Actions
    You can use the App Actions feature to copy record data to another app or to the same app, to create a new record.

By combining the Lookup field, the Related records field, and the App Actions feature, you can integrate data across multiple apps, thus enabling more efficient use of Kintone.

Using Lookups

For details on how to set and use lookups, refer to the following pages.

Usage Examples

If you need to input the same information in multiple apps, you can do the same task more efficiently by using a Lookup field.
For example, when inputting data in the Lead Management app, you can refer to the company name that is already registered in the Customer Management app.

Steps to Be Performed by Users

After a Lookup field is placed, users follow the steps described below.

  • Click Lookup to select a record that is stored in another app. Example of lead management app
  • If you enter texts before clicking Lookup, data matching the text appears. You can also click the filter button Funnel button to specify additional filter condition or sort order. Filter creation

Setting Options for Lookup Fields

Lookup fields

  • Field Name
    • Specifies the header for the entry item.
  • Hide field name
    • Hides the field names on the screens to add, edit, enter details of, and print records.
  • Required field
    • Sets a field where a value is required to be entered.
  • Datasource App
    • Select an app to refer to.
      As you enter an app name, apps matching the text appear.
      After selecting an app and saving the form, you cannot change this setting.
  • Key Field
    • Select a field that will work as a key to retrieve data from the datasource app.
      You can set Record number, Text, Number, Calculated, Lookup, or Link field as a key field.
      After selecting an app and saving the form, you cannot change this setting.
  • Field Mappings
  • Fields Shown in Lookup Picker
    • Select the fields to show on the record selection screen.
      Drag and drop the arrow icon to change the order of fields.
  • Initial filter setting
    • Specify conditions to filter records on the record selection screen.
  • Initial sort setting
    • Specify the display order of the records on the record selection screen.
  • Field Code
    The text string to specify this field (in a formula or an API).