Is It Possible for Non-administrator Users to Check Users Who Belong to a Specific Department/Group?

Non-administrator users can check users who belong to a specific department/group that was created by Kintone Users & System Administrator, by following either of the steps described below.

Checking in the Add Records/Edit Records Screen

  1. Place a User selection field in the app form. Or, open an app where a User selection field is already placed.
    Configuring Forms, User Selection

  2. Open the "Add records" screen or the "Edit records" screen, and click the department/group selection icon Select users from departments or groups to check the users who belong to the department/group.

Checking in the Comment Section

  1. Click Mention in the comment section of app/space/people which Everyone can view, and specify the department/group to check.
    Specifying Users, Departments, or Groups as the Recipient

  2. Click the department/group name you specified, and then click Users to Be Mentioned to check the users displayed.