Article Number:040529


Placing a "Table" field on the app form allows you to create a table where app users can add or delete rows as needed.
After placing a "Table" field, drag and drop the fields you want to include in the table one by one.
Dragging and dropping a field onto the table

Usage Examples

Tables are useful for managing multiple data entries in a list. For instance, you can place a table in a lead management app and use it to record daily sales activities for each lead, or you can place it in an order management app and use it to enter multiple items.
For details, refer to Adding a Table on the Form. Adding a row in the table

Setting Options for a Table

Setting options for a table

  • Table name
    • Specify the label for the table.
  • Hide table name
    • Hide the field name on the Form settings screen as well as the "Add Record," "Edit Record," "Record Details," and record printing screens.
  • Field Code
    • A string used for specifying this field in APIs.