Steps to Restore Accidentally Deleted Apps

To help users who have accidentally deleted apps, Kintone provides the feature to restore apps at the state when they were deleted.
When a deleted app is restored, records and app settings are returned to their state at the time of deletion and thus the users can use the app in the same way as before.

Only Kintone Users & System Administrators can restore apps. However, you cannot restore deleted apps if 14 days or more have elapsed after the time of deletion.
Since there are some other limitations, be sure to read the contents of the "Restoring Deleted Apps" page before the restoration.

Steps to Restore Apps

  1. Confirm "deleted app name", "possible date and time of deletion", and "the user who may have deleted the app" as much possible as you can.

  2. Check the audit log in the "Kintone Users & System Administration" screen, and identify the "App ID" based on the information you confirmed in step 1.

  3. Open the system administration screen, click Restoring App/Space, enter the App ID, and then click Restore. Image