Migrating Information on Record Creator When Migrating Data to Another App Using a CSV File

The data for the "Created by" field for records can be imported from a file only when you are trying to add new records to an app.

Before exporting the "Created by" field data to a CSV file and importing it into a different app, you need to associate the "Created by" field with "Column in File". Picture If you select "(None)" from the "Column in File", "Created by" field data for the newly added records will be set to the user who performed the Import from file action.

The values in the "Created by" field for the existing records cannot be updated with the values imported from a file.
In this case, you can place a "User selection" field in the app where data will be migrated, and use the field to import the "Created by" field value from the CSV file.
The steps are as follows.

  1. Export data (including the "Created By" field) to a CSV file.

  2. In the view of the destination app, click the app settings button App settings button on the upper right of the screen.

  3. Place a User selection field on the form, and set the "field name" (for example, "Original Data Created By").

  4. Click the Options button Options button on the upper right of the view screen, click Import from File, and select a CSV file. Picture

  5. When you are prompted with "Select Data Scope", select one of the radio buttons.
    If the file has item names in the first row, select "First row is header". Picture

  6. Match the columns in the imported file to the fields in the app.

    • For "Original Data Created By" in the "Field in App" column, select "Created By" in the "Column in File" column.
    • Deselect "Key to Bulk Update" if you register the record as a new record. Picture
  7. Click "Import" on the upper left side of the screen.