Numbers in a Text field is not sorted as expected

Article Number:040253

If you choose to sort by the "Text" field, its records are sorted according to the order in the UTF-8 character codes.
Therefore, if you have numbers equal to or greater than 10 in the "Text" field, the records might not be listed in the order you expect.

Example: Sort records in ascending order
"1", "10", "11", ... "2", "3"

If this happens, perform one of the following actions.

  • If you use both one-digit and two-digit numbers, such as for expressing "month", add "0" at the beginning of one-digit numbers
    Example: 01, 02, ... 10, 11, 12

  • Use drop-down field instead of "Text" field
    The drop-down field sorts the records in the order that you configured in the "Options" of the field setting. Therefore, you can sort the records in the expected order by preconfiguring the sort order in the "Options".