The App Settings screen can be accessed by a user who is not an app administrator

Article Number:040157

Kintone Users & System Administrators can change the App Settings for any apps if they do not have permissions to manage specific apps.
If necessary, change the Kintone Users & System Administrators to prevent them from accessing the App Settings page. For steps to change Kintone Users & System Administrators, refer to Configuring Kintone Users & System Administrators.

The following are the points you need to keep in mind about the "App Management" screen.

  • For the apps that belong to the Private app group, you can only view the apps you created even if you are a Kintone Users & System Administrator.
  • If you are not a Kintone Users & System Administrator, you can only view the apps for which you have app management permissions.
  • Guests cannot access the "App Management" screen.

Actions You can Perform on the "App Management" Screen