Cannot Receive Push Notifications While in Doze Mode in Android 6 or Later Devices

If you leave the device untouched for a certain period of time when using Kintone in Android 6 or later device, you cannot receive push notification from mobile apps.

Example of push notifications

  • Notifications on comments that are addressed to you
  • Per Record Notifications
  • Reminder Notifications

Cause of the Error

This symptom happens when you are in Doze mode in Android 6 or later devices.
Doze mode in Android 6 or later devices is the feature to reduce the drain on battery power while in sleep mode.
If you leave your device untouched for a certain period of time, your device is switched to Doze mode, and disconnected from Kintone. Therefore, you cannot receive push notifications form mobile apps.
Note that your device will not be switched to Doze mode while charging the battery.


By unlocking your device, you can receive push notifications again.

If you launch a mobile app, an error message is displayed to inform that you failed to get notifications and that you need to refresh the screen. You can suppress the error message, by tapping the refresh icon Refresh icon on the upper right of the screen.