Text area

Article Number:040538

Placing a "Text area" field on your app form creates an input field that can be used for entering multiple lines of text. The text entered in a "Text area" field cannot be formatted.

You can also enlarge the input field horizontally and/or vertically by clicking the lower right corner of the field and dragging it with your mouse. Screenshot: The lower right corner of a "Text area" field's input field is outlined in red

Setting Options for the "Text Area" Field

Screenshot: The settings screen of a "Text area" field


Specify the field name. The field name is displayed as the label of the field in the app.

Hide field name

Select this option to hide the field name on the following screens.

  • The "New Record" screen
  • The "Edit Record" screen
  • The "Record Details" screen
  • The screen for printing a record
  • The Form settings screen

Required field

Select this option to make entering a field value mandatory.

Default Value

If you want to set a default value for the field, you can set it here.

Field Code

The character string used for specifying the field in APIs.

Usage Examples

Because "Text area" fields let you enter text with line breaks, they are useful for entering a large amount of information.
For example, you can use a "Text area" field for logging meeting minutes in an app for managing sales division interactions. Screenshot: Example of using a "Text area" field for logging meeting minutes