Various Ways to Create Apps

Kintone provides various ways to create apps. In either way you choose, you can customize app settings later whenever you want. Image of Marketplace that is recommended for users who create apps for the first time

Adding a Sample App

Marketplace provides a wide variety of sample apps that suits various business needs, industries, and usage scenarios. You can easily create your own apps by simply choosing apps according to the purpose of use.
This method is recommended when you create an app for the first time.
Adding a Sample App

Create an App from Scratch

You can create an app from the beginning. In the app settings page, you can place required fields on a form and configure required items depending on the purpose of use.
Creating an App from Scratch

Import an Excel or CSV File

You can import an Excel or CSV file to create an app. You can also import data of the file to an app while you are creating the app.
This is useful when you want to migrate data from Excel files to Kintone apps.
Creating an App from an Excel File
Creating an App from a CSV File

Create from a Template File

You can create an app by importing an app template (zip file) created in Kintone.
You can also import an app template file that is not created in your Kintone environment.
Creating an App by Importing a Template File

Create from an Existing App

You can create a new app by duplicating an app that was already created in Kintone.
Creating a New App by Duplicating an Existing App (Copying an App)

Create from a Template

If the system administrator created a template, you can use the template to create a new app.
Creating an App from a Template