Displaying Multiple Fields in the Title Field

Article Number:040755

* You cannot select multiple fields to be used for the Title Field, in the Title Field settings.
Setting Title Field

If you want to display multiple fields in the Title Field, you can use the "&" operator in the Text field to concatenate strings.
You can also use the DATE_FORMAT function to concatenate values of the Date field or the Time field with a string.
For example, you can concatenate customer name and the value of the Date field, and use that for the Title Field.

& Operator: Concatenating Strings and Numbers
DATE_FORMAT Function: Specifying the Display Format of Date and Time


  1. Set a field code of the field to display in the Title Field

    • Click the App Settings icon (the gear-shaped icon at the upper right of the app's "View" screen), then select the Form tab.
    • Open the setting screen of the field that you want to display in the Title Field.
    • Check the field code string, edit that code as needed, and save the edited code.
      For details on how to set a field code, see the "What Is a Field Code?" page.
  2. Set the Text field

    • Click the Text field in the field list on the left and drag and drop it into the frame on the right side of the screen.
    • Open the setting screen of the Text field, select "Calculate automatically", and then specify a formula.
      Example1: When concatenating project name and contact name (concatenating strings)
      Formula: project name&"-"&contact name
       Example2: When concatenating project date and customer name (concatenating a date and a string)
      Formula: DATE_FORMAT(project_date,"YYYY-MM-dd","Etc/GMT")&" "&customer_name
    • Fill in other information as needed, and then click Save.
    • Click Save Form on the upper left side of the screen.
  3. Set the Title Field

    • Select App Settings tab, and click Title Field.
    • Click Set manually.
    • Select the "Text" field that you set in step 2, and click Save. For details on how to configure the Title Field settings, see Setting Title Field.
    • Click Update App on the upper right side of the screen, and click Update App on the confirmation dialog.

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