Group selection

Article Number:040530

Group selection field You can place a Group selection field and use that field to select a group (role) which is registered in Kintone.
You can also select multiple groups.

You can add groups in Kintone Administration.
You can create manager groups or project member groups (members across multiple departments) separately from departments.
For details on how to add groups, refer to the Adding Groups page.

Similar Fields

You can use a User selection field to select a user, and a Department selection field to select a department.

Specifying the Group Selection Field

You can specify a group in one of the following ways.

  • Enter a group name or a group code, and then select the group which is displayed under the field.
  • Click the group selection icon Icon to select a group from the list and select a group.
    Select Groups

Usage Examples

You can use Group Selection fields in combination with permissions or notifications to let users see appropriate information for them. For example, you can use this field in a HR app where personal information is stored. Example of permissions

Selecting a group allows you to set options such as permissions for all users in the group.
Group selection

Setting Options for the "Group Selection" Field

Group selection field

  • Field Name
    • Specify the label for the field.
  • Hide field name
    • Hide the field name on the screens to add, edit, enter details of, and print a record.
  • Required field
    • Mandate users to enter a value in the field.
  • Preset groups
    • Specifies groups which will be displayed in the Group selection. If this option is not specified, all groups will be displayed in the Group selection. Specifying an item shows the group you specified on the list and you can click to select it. Specifying an item
  • Default Value
    • Sets the default value.
  • Field Code
    • The text string to specify this field (in an API).