When Importing a File, Can I Also Import Data for Record Number, Created by, Created Datetime, Updated by, and Updated Datetime?

The data for Created by, Created Datetime, Updated by, and Updated Datetime for records can be imported from a file only when you are trying to add new records to an app. When importing from a file, you need to associate the Column in File with the Field in App. To perform import action, you need to have permission to manage apps, as well as permission to import from files.

Please note that you cannot import Created by/Created datetime/Updated by/Updated datetime for existing records or Record number from a file.

This section explains how to export Record number, Created by, Created datetime, Updated by, and Updated datetime for existing records to a file, and then import them to different fields.

Depending on the type of data you wish to import, place the following fields in the form and specify them when you import a file.

  • Record number: "Number" field
  • Created datetime, Updated datetime: "Date and time" field
  • Created by, Updated by: "User selection" field

The record number can also be used as "Key to Bulk Update" when updating records.
However, specifying a record number which does not exist will cause an error.