Related records

Article Number:040527

Using a "Related records" field, you can display a list of records that match a specified condition. This field is useful when you want to display related information together on the same screen, since you can display records stored in another app and in the same app.

For example, you can place a "Related records" field in the "Customer Management" app, and then specify the "Activity History" app as a reference source app. By doing so, you can display a list of data registered in the "Activity History" app when you add a record in the "Customer Management" app. "Related Records" fields

  • The "Lookup" field
    Configuring a "Lookup" field in an app, you can reference and retrieve (copy) record data in a different app.
    One of the benefits of using the field is that you can prevent typing errors and reduce the time required for data entry since you do not need to enter the same data multiple times.

  • The App Actions feature
    Using the App Actions feature, you can push record data to a different app or the same app and create a new record.

Using the "Lookup" field, the "Related records" field, and the App Actions feature together, you can integrate data across multiple apps. This enables you to use Kintone more efficiently.

For details on how to configure a "Related records" field, refer to Configuring a "Related Records" Field.

Using the "Related records" field, you can display projects or activities for each customer in a list format in the "Customer Management" app.
You can also display the details of a specific record from the list. Example of customer management app

"Related records" field

  • Name
    • Specify the label for the "Related records" field.
  • Hide field name
    • Hide the field name on the "New Record," "Edit Record," "Record Details," and record printing screens.
  • Datasource App
    • Select the app whose records will be displayed in the "Related records" field.
      When you enter an app name, apps with a matching name appear.
  • Fetch Criteria
  • Filter
    • In addition to Fetch Criteria, this field is used to specify another condition to further narrow down the records to be displayed by using the values in the field of the reference source app (Datasource App).
  • Datasource App Fields to Display
    • Select the field of the reference source app (Datasource App).
      The value in the selected field appears. Datasource App Fields to Display
  • Display Order
    • Specify the display order of the records.
  • Max Records to Display at a Time
    • Select the maximum number of records to be displayed at once.
  • Field Code
    • A string used for specifying this field in formulas or APIs.