Related Records

Related Records fields show records matching conditions in a list.
You can combine data in several apps by looking up. Related Records field This field can display records from other apps as well as the same app.

For details, see "What is "Related Records"?" page.

Use Lookup fields to retrieve data by looking up other apps.
Use Action to copy data to other apps to add new records.

You can show a project list or an activity history for each client in the customer management app.
Also, you can show the detail of the specific record from the Related Records. Customer management app example

The procedure to show Related Records is as follows:

  1. Add Related Records fields on the form

  2. Set the followings in the Related Records field

    • App to refer to (You can specify not only other app but also the same app)
    • Fields to associate with (These fields are displayed in the Related Records when their values match the values in fields in the app to refer to).
    • Fields to display in the Related Records

For details on how to set the Lookup fields, see "Setting Related Records" page.

Related Records fields
  • Field Name
    Specifies a label for the Related Records field.

  • Hide field name
    Hides the field names on the screen to set forms and the screens to add, edit, enter details of, and print records.

  • Datasource App
    Selects which app to display the record.
    As you enter an app name, apps matching the text appear.

  • Fetch Criteria
    Selects a field for the app and a field for the datasource app (the app that is being referred to).
    Records whose values match the selected fields are listed.

  • Filter
    In addition to "Fetch Criteria", used to specify another condition to further narrow down the records to be displayed by using the values in the field of the datasource app.

  • Datasource App Fields to Display
    Selects the field of the datasource app.
    The value in the selected field appears. Datasource App Fields to Display

  • Display Order
    Specifies the display order of the records.

  • Max Records to Display at a Time
    Selects the maximum number of records to be displayed at once.

  • Field Code
    A text string to identify the field. The field code is used in API requests. A value is assigned by the system automatically, but you can change it to any value. For details, see What Is a Field Code?