Article Number:040521

Date field You can place a Date field and use that field to enter a date in the "month-date-year" format.

Similar Fields

You can also use a Date and Time field to enter a date.
You can enter both a date and a time in the Date and time field.
Date and time

Usage Examples

The Date field is suitable for the followings situations.

  • Enter the date of use when applying for reimbursement of transportation expense or other expenses.
    Click the date field to display a calendar. You can change the month or the year by using a drop-down list. Alternatively, users can type/change the date directly into the field using the keyboard. Calendar is displayed

  • Enter the date of activity in the lead management app After data entry

  • Enter the deadline for response in the inquiry management app
    You can specify the Date field in your formula. You can create a formula that specifies the deadline for response that is 2 days later from the date in the Date field.
    Place a Date field and a Calculated field, and specify a formula shown below in the Calculated field.
    Example: Formula to display the deadline that is 2 days later.

"Date" Field Settings

Date field

  • Name
    • Specify the label for the field.
  • Hide field name
    • Hide the field name on the "New Record," "Edit Record," "Record Details," and record printing screens.
  • Required field
    • Require that data is entered into the field.
  • Prohibit duplicate values
    • Select this option to prevent users from entering the same date for multiple records in the app.
  • Default Value
    • You can specify the date when the record was created, or the date of your choice, as the default value.
      Select "Default to the record creation date" if you want to display the date when the record was created. You can specify the date of your choice (specific date) as the default value, by deselecting the check box. If you want to leave the date empty, deselect the check box, and leave the field blank without specifying the date.
  • Field Code
    • A string used for specifying this field in formulas or APIs.