Date part The Date field accepts a date value consisting of the year, month, and day parts.
To work with a date and time value, use the Date and Time field.

Usage Examples

The Date field is useful for various apps, such as in transportation expense reimbursement apps to manage the dates of use, inquiry management apps for managing the due dates of responses, and activity management apps for managing dates of activities.
To enter a date value, users can click the field to display a calendar. The calendar provides drop-down lists to select the year and month. Alternatively, users can type a date directly into the field.

Display the calendar Entered values

Date Field Settings

Date field
  • Field Name
    Specifies the header for the entry item.
  • Hide field name
    Hides the field names on the screen to set forms and the screens to add, edit, enter details of, and print records.
  • Required field
    Sets a field where a value is required to be entered.
  • Prohibit duplicate values
    Prevents users from entering the same date for multiple records in the app.
  • Default Value
    Set a value that will appear in the entry field by default. Select the Default to the record creation date check box to display the current date when a user is creating the record. Clear the check box and then you can set a desired date. Clear the check box and leave the Default Value entry field blank to not display a default value.
  • Field Code
    A text string to identify the field. The field code is used in API requests. A value is assigned by the system automatically, but you can change it to any value. For details, see What Is a Field Code?