Creating a Space for Your Team

Article Number:040143

A space plays a role of a place for your team; a space puts interactions and information necessary for your team in one place. You can create a space by team or by project, and then add whoever you want to invite as members.

This article provides you with step by step instructions on how to create a simple space. Let's start creating a space by performing the following steps and you will get to know hot to use your space.

Image of the created app:
In this example, we will create a space named "Space for Sales Department" as shown in the following image. Image of the created app

Number Description
(1) Specify "Space for Sales Department" as the name of the space.
(2) A "thread" is a feature similar to a bulletin board and you can create threads by topic in your space. When you create a space, you can select whether you want to use multiple threads or a single thread.
In this example, we create a space with multiple threads enabled as we want to create a thread by topic to discuss various topics in the Space for Sales Department.
(3) Add members of the Sales Department as space members.

Now, let's create a "Space for Sales Department".
  1. On the Kintone Portal, click the Create Space icon (the plus sign-shaped icon in the Spaces section), then click New Space. Image

  2. Click Create Space from Scratch. Image

  3. On the "Appearance" tab, type "Space for Sales Department" as a space name. Image

  4. Select the "Enable multiple threads. Note: This setting cannot be reverted." option.
    Selecting this option enables you to create various threads for different topics ("Thread for Business Meetings" and "Proposal Documents Sharing Thread", for example).

  5. Click the Members tab.

  6. To add users as members of a space, search for specific users or select a department or group by clicking the Select From Department/Group icon to the right of the user search box, selecting a department or group, and clicking Add.
    In this example, we want to add all of the members of the Sales Division, so click the Select From Department/Group icon, select Sales Division, and then select the Select All checkbox in the upper right corner. Image Image

  7. Click Save.

Now, you have created the Space for Sales Department as shown below.

When you return to the top page of Kintone, you will see the "Space for Sales Department" in the "Spaces" section. You can click the name to open it. This space will be displayed for the users who are added as members of the space in Kintone.
Next, let's create a thread in the Space for Sales Department and communicate with other members. Refer to Communicating with Team Members in a Thread.