Article Number:040814

This article describes the audit logs that are generated when actions are performed on People pages.

Module: "People operation"

Audit logs with the module "People operation" are shown below.

Action: "People comment file download"

This section describes audit logs with the action "People comment file download".

An audit log is generated when:

One of the following actions is performed on a file attached to a post or comment.

  • The file is downloaded
  • The file is displayed in an image slide show



Information displayed in the "Complement" section

The following information is displayed:

  • Login name
  • Post or comment URL
  • File name

Example of a generated log

user: *, comment url: *, filename: *


The properties displayed in the Complement section of the audit log details are as follows.

comment url

Indicates the URLs of posts or comments.


Indicates file names.


Indicates the login names of users.