Configuring Categories

Article Number:040490

Enabling the Category feature in App Settings lets you set up a category tree for your app.

  1. Click the App Settings icon (the gear-shaped icon at the upper right of the "View" screen), select the App Settings tab, and then select Categories under Advanced Settings.
    Screenshot: The "App Settings" icon is outlined in red

  2. Enable the Category feature by selecting the Use categories check box.

  3. In the Category Tree section, click the plus-sign shaped Add icon to the right of category input fields to add categories, and enter their names.

    • You can add up to a total of 1,000 categories, with up to five levels of a hierarchy including the parent category.
    • A category name can be up to 64 characters long.
  4. Click Save at the bottom right of the screen.

  5. Click Update App at the upper right of the screen.

  6. On the confirmation dialog, click Update App.

To classify records into the categories you have configured, navigate to the "Edit Record" screen of each record and select categories of your choice. You can select multiple categories.
Screenshot: The "Edit Record" screen of an app for which the Category feature is enabled