Notes on Changing App Codes

Article Number:040826

If an app has an app code set, the app code is included in each of the app's "Record number" field values (i.e., "[app code]-[record number]").
Example: If an app has the app code "kintone" set, its "Record number" field values will be "kintone-1", "kintone-2", and so on.
When a "Record number" field value that contains an app code (e.g., "kintone-1") is entered in a Kintone app or space, it automatically creates a link to the corresponding record.

Before changing an app code, make sure to keep in mind the following information.

  • Changing an app code will remove any links that were automatically created using "Record number" field values that contain the previous app code.

  • If you set an app code that was used with a different app in the past, any automatically created "Record number" links that include it will be replaced.
    This means that any such links that were automatically created in apps or spaces will start linking to the app to which the app code is currently set.

  • Changing an app code will change the "Record number" field values of the records for the app. Be sure to keep this in mind when exporting record data to CSV files or using APIs.