Usage Example of "Display Names"

Article Number:020237

"Display Name" is the name of the user displayed in Kintone.
Possible usage examples are shown below.

Displaying the phonetic name or nickname together with the user's name

Register "菅野 丈二" for "Surname" and "Given Name", and "菅野 (Sugano)" for "Display Name".

Displaying abbreviation instead of the long name

Register "William Jones" for "Surname" and "Given Name", and "Will.J" for "Display Name".

Displaying the notation in a native tongue

Register the name in alphabet for "Surname" and "Given Name", and register the notation for the name in a native tongue for "Display Name".
If you also enable "Localized Name", the notation can be displayed based on the display language.
Displaying Localized User Names in Display Language

Example of Thai

Register "Somying" in "Given Name", and "สมหญิง" for "Display Name".
When you register "ソミー" for "日本語" in "Localized Name", "ソミー" is displayed for the users who set their display language to Japanese.

Distinguishing users with the same given and family names

Register "Surname" and "Given Name", and for "Display Name", register notations as below to distinguish them.

  • John Smith (Domestic Sales Department)
  • John Smith (HR Department)