How to Contact Us

Article Number:020261

This page describes how to contact support to get support for operations and the use of API.

Method 1: Opening the "Contact Us" Page via Kintone Users & System Administration

  1. Click gear shaped administration menu icon in the header.

  2. Click Users & System Administration.
    Accessing Kintone Users & System Administration

  3. Click Contact Us.
    Screenshot: "Contact Us" is highlighted

  4. Fill in the displayed form with the required information.

    • Required fields are indicated with "*".
    • Some fields such as "Email" and "Name" are automatically filled with your registered information.
      You can change the information as needed. Screenshot: A form to fill in. The fields to fill in your inquiry are displayed
  5. Check the information you entered and then click Send.
    After the information has been sent, an e-mail indicating that your message was received will be sent to the e-mail address that you entered in the form.

Method 2: Opening the "Contact Us" Page via the Header

Click the Help menu icon at the right of the header to select "Contact Us" from the drop-down list.
The following procedure is the same as the Method 1.
Screenshot: Navigation to "Contact Us" for Kintone