What Is a Department Administrator?

Article Number:02010

Department administrator is a user who manages users and departments in a certain department.
This administrator is assigned by Kintone Users & System Administrators.
To reduce the management tasks of Kintone Users & System Administrators, you can add department administrators and assign them user administration tasks for each department in Kintone.

Scope Managed by Department Administrators

  • Departments, for which the department administrators has administrative privileges, and their child departments
  • Users who belong to the above departments

Actions That Can Be Performed by Department Administrators

Department administrators can perform the following actions within their management scope.

  • Adding or deleting departments
  • Changing department information
  • Adding or deleting users
  • Changing User Information
  • Adding department administrators


  • A department can have up to 1,000 department administrators.
  • Even if the the actions are performed within their management scope, the data cannot be changed in bulk using files.

Example Scenario of Department Administrators

For example, you can put the Sales Department Manager in charge of managing the child departments and the Sales Division members. When new employees join the Sales Division, the manager, who is the department administrator, can register them as users.

Figure: Example scenario of department administrators

For details on how to assign department administrators and the types of actions they can perform, refer to the following page:
Department Administrator