File Format for Static Groups (or Roles) to Which Users Belong

Article Number:020148

This page describes the file format for configuring static groups to which users belong.

For details on how to import a file, refer to the following page:
Adding or Changing Users and Departments Using a File

File Format

Only users' groups entered in the file are changed.

Each row contains the information of one user.
Enter the following items in each row. If the items contain a leading or trailing space, it will be trimmed when the data is imported from the file.

  • Login Name
  • Group Code

When a user belongs to multiple groups, add multiple "Group Code" columns accordingly.

Items to be entered in a file

Login Name

Enter the login name of the users to change their groups.
This item is mandatory.

Group Code

Enter a group code of a group to which a user belongs.
If a user does not belong to any groups, leave the "Group Code" item blank.

Example File

Example of actions to perform

  • Assign "kato" as a member of "grp001".
  • Assign "takahashi" as a member of "grp001" and "grp002".
  • Exclude "tanaka"from any groups.

Example of CSV file descriptions

The content has been copied.
Login Name, Group Code1, Group Code2
kato, grp001
takahashi, grp001, grp002

The first row contains "Field Name". Omit the first row containing the field names, or select "Skip header row" when importing a file.