File Format for Groups (or Roles) to Which Users Belong

Article Number:020148

This page describes the file format for configuring static groups to which users belong.

For details on how to import a file, refer to the following page:
Adding or Changing Users and Departments Using a File

File Format

Only users' groups entered in the file are changed.

Each row contains the information of one user.
Enter the following items in each row.

  • Login Name
  • Group Code
    When a user belongs to multiple groups, add multiple "Group Code" columns accordingly.

Items to be entered in a file

Login Name

Enter the login name of the users to change their groups (or roles).
This item is mandatory.

Group Code

Enter a group code of the static group to which the user belongs.
If a user does not belong to any static group, leave the "Group Code" item blank.

Example File

Login Name Group Code 1 Group Code 2
takahashi grp001 grp021
kato grp001