Cannot Log In Automatically

To enable automatic login, both administrators' settings and users' actions are necessary.

Cannot Log In Automatically Even When Administrator's Settings Have Been Completed

If Automatic Login is not enabled even when administrator's settings have been completed, possible reasons are as follows.

  • The user has been logged out
  • Remember me is not selected on the login screen.
  1. Click [×] in the Web browser while logging in to Kintone.
    Image showing the close button in the Web browser If you log out from session, cookie for the login information is discarded regardless of the Automatic Login setting.
    If you want to use the Automatic Login feature, do not log out from the session.

  2. Display the login screen.

  3. Select "Remember me". Login screen

  4. Enter the login name and password to log in.

When Administrators Do Not Allow Users to Use Automatic Login

Automatic Login feature is available only when Kintone Users & System administrators allow users to use the feature.
If a user takes appropriate actions but his/her administrator does not allow automatic login, only the login name is stored in the browser. In such a case, the user cannot use automatic login.