File Format for Job Titles

Article Number:020154

This page describes the file format for adding or changing job titles.

For details on how to import a file, refer to the following page:
Adding or Changing Users and Departments Using a File

File Format

Only job titles entered in the file are changed.

Each row contains the information of one job title.
Each row requires the following items. These items are mandatory and cannot be omitted.

  • Job Title Code
  • Name
  • New Job Title Code
  • Description
  • Delete

For details on the items above, refer to the following page:
Job Title Information Fields

Items to be entered in a file

Fill in a field with an asterisk (*) when you do not want to update the value of the field.

Job Title Code

To add a new job title

Enter a string that does not duplicate existing job titles.

To change the information of existing job titles

Specify the current job title code.
Even if you want to change the current job title code, specify the current job title code in "Job Title Code". A new job title code should be specified in "New Job Title Code".


"Name" must be a string.

New Job Title Code

To change "Job Title Code"

Enter a new job title code.

To add a new job title, or to change information other than "Job Title Code"

Enter a string that is identical to "Job Title Code", or enter "*".

To Be Deleted

Specify one of the following options.

  • To delete a job title
    Specify '1'.
  • To add a job title, or to change job title information
    Specify "*" or leave the item blank.

Example File

Example of actions to perform

  • Add a job title "director".
  • Change the job title "manager".
    • Change the job title code "manager" to "old-manager".
    • Change the job title name to "Manager(Obsolete)".
    • Change the description.
  • Delete the job title "submanager".

Example of CSV file description

The content has been copied.
Job Title Code, Name, New Job Title Code, Description, To Be Deleted
director, Director, *, Member of a board of directors., *
manager, Manager(Obsolete), old-manager, This title was obsoleted., *
submanager, *, *, , 1

The first row contains "Field Name". Omit the first row containing the field names, or select "Skip header row" when importing a file.