Allowing Integration with External Services Such as Microsoft Power Automate and Slack

You can allow users to integrate Kintone with external services such as Microsoft Power Automate and Slack.
OAuth is used for authentication. This ensures a secure connection with external services and other integrated services, without having to type in a login name or password for Kintone.

What You Can Do by Integrating with Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate is an online service that allows users to connect with various services however they want, including Kintone, SharePoint, Dropbox, Slack, e-mail, Excel, and so on.
By using Microsoft Power Automate, you can integrate Kintone with the above-mentioned services that are supported by Microsoft Power Automate. Data registered to Kintone can be reflected in the integrated services, and also data registered to the integrated services can be reflected in Kintone.


  • Notifying Kintone when an e-mail client such as Outlook receives an e-mail
  • When a record has been added to the Kintone app, registering it as an event in Google Calendar

Notes on Integrating with Microsoft Power Automate

When IP address restrictions are enabled on your domain, the integrated service is not available.
Before using the integrated service, you need to allow access from the IP addresses which Microsoft Power Automate, Office 365, and Microsoft Azure use. For the list of IP addresses to allow, refer to the following page on the Microsoft website:

The integrated services and Kintone need to be configured in the same data group of Microsoft Power Automate.

What You Can Do by Integrating with Slack

Slack is a chat service.
With Slack integrated with Kintone, users can use Slack's direct messaging feature to send a notification from the process management feature to an assignee of a task.
This feature is useful when you manage tasks using the App and Slack.

STEP 1: Allowing Integrations on the Kintone Users & System Administration Page

Described below is the procedure to allow integration with Microsoft Power Automate.

  1. Click the gear icon on the top page of Kintone, and then click "Kintone Users & System Administration". Image of Kintone Administration
  2. In the "Kintone Users & System Administration" screen, click "Integrations" under "System Administration". Image of Integrations
  3. Enable Microsoft Power Automate, and click Set Allowed Users. Image of setting an integration with an external service
  4. On the "Set Allowed Users" screen, select the check boxes for users to be allowed to use the integration.
    You can select a department to filter users or use the user search area to find the desired users. Image of selecting a specific user
  5. Click "Save". Image of Save button The configuration on the "Kintone Users & System Administration" page is now complete.

STEP 2: Configuring Necessary Settings in Kintone Apps

After completing the settings on the "Kintone Users & System Administration" page, configure settings that are necessary for the target service in a Kintone app.

For Microsoft Power Automate

Refer to the following pages to configure the integration of Kintone and the Web service.

For Slack

Refer to the following pages to configure the integration of Kintone and the Web service.

How to Check Integrated Services That Are Active for Users

  • For Kintone Users & System Administrators:
    Access the "Edit User" page to see which integrated service is active for that user. Image of Integrations in use
  • For Users:
    Users can use Account Settings to see which external services are active. Users are also able to disconnect the services.
    Viewing and Disabling Active Integration Services