If You Do Not Know the Password

Article Number:020278

If you cannot log in to Kintone, check whether the problem can be solved by following the procedure described below.

Specifying the Login Name and Password Correctly

The login name and password must be entered correctly, including uppercase and lowercase characters.
The followings are the possible reasons why the texts you entered are considered false.

  • There are unnecessary spaces before or after characters that you copied and pasted.
  • CapsLock or NumLock is enabled.

Resetting Password

Refer to the following page:
Resetting Password

Ask Your Administrator to Reset Your Password

Contact your administrator when you cannot reset your password by yourself in the following cases:

  • Case 1
    I do not know the e-mail address configured in the user information of kintone.com
  • Case 2
    Clicking Having Trouble Logging In? on the login screen takes me to the help page