Unable to Log in: What to Do First

Article Number:020278

Check whether the problem can be solved by following the procedure described below.

  1. Check the following five points:

    1. Isn't there any unnecessary space before or after the text you entered?

    2. Isn't the CapsLock or the NumLock enabled?
      The passwords must be entered correctly, including uppercase and lowercase characters.
      If the CapsLock or the NumLock is enabled, the passwords you enter will not be treated as intended.

      1. Try typing the password in a text editor such as Notepad and see if it appears as you expect.
        If the entered password is correctly displayed, skip the next Step 1-2.
      2. Disable the CapsLock or the NumLock by performing the following actions.
        • Press the Caps Lock key while holding down the Shift key.
        • Press the Num Lock key while holding down the Shift key.
    3. Is your account locked due to too many failed login attempts?
      For details, refer to "When a User's Account Is Locked".

    4. Is your Web browser properly configured?
      Try the following.

    5. Can you log in from a different Web browser?
      Try to log in using another browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
      For details, refer to "Supported Web Browsers".

  2. If STEP 1 does not solve the problem, check whether you can reset the password by yourself.

    1. On the login screen, click "Having Trouble Logging In?".

      Login screen

      If you experience following problems, please contact your administrator.
      • Login screen is not displayed
      • Having Trouble Logging In? is not displayed
  3. The procedure differs depending on the screen displayed.

    1. When a Help Page Appears:
      Ask your administrator to reset your password.
      When the help appears, password reset is prohibited in your environment. Users cannot reset their passwords by themselves.

    2. When a Screen Asking You to Enter Your E-Mail Address Appears:
      Reset your password by yourself.
      However, if any of the following applies, you must contact your administrator.

      • You do not know the login name.
      • You do not know the e-mail address to use.

Resetting Password by Yourself

If e-mail address setting screen is displayed when you click Having Trouble Logging In, you can change your password by yourself.

  1. Enter the e-mail address that is registered in your user details in Kintone, then click Reset Password.
    If you do not know the e-mail address, ask your administrator to reset your password.
    Screen to reset password

  2. You will receive an e-mail describing the way to reset the password.

  3. Click the URL shown in the e-mail to reset the password.

  4. Set your new password.
    Once you click "Save", the login screen appears.

  5. Check that you can log in to the system using the new password.

Ask Your Administrator to Reset Your Password

If you cannot reset your password by yourself, ask your administrator to do it.

  1. Users Should Do the Following:
    Ask your administrator to check your login name or change your password.

  2. Administrators Should Do the Following:

    1. Reset the user's password.
      Reset the password on the "Edit User" screen.
      However, even administrators cannot retrieve users' current passwords.
      For details, refer to "Changing User Passwords".
      Screen to change user details

    2. Check the login name.
      Check the login name on the "Edit User" screen.
      Example of login name

    3. Inform the user of the login information.