For Department Administrators: Adding Users

Article Number:020132

This page describes the steps for department administrators to add users to Kintone.
Department administrators cannot add users by importing a file.

Notes on Setting Passwords

When setting users' password in Administration, the password policy settings are not applied.
Set a password with sufficient digits and complexity according to the following page:
Rules for Password


  1. Access the following URL: https://(subdomain_name)

  2. Click Administration.
    Screenshot: "Administration" button

  3. Click Departments & Users.

  4. Expand the department tree, and select a department to which you want to add a user. how to find and select the department to which the target user belongs

  5. Click Add User. Screenshot: "Add User" is highlighted

  6. Fill in the fields as needed.
    Items of User Information

  7. Click Save.

  8. Select an entry method and set a new password for the user.

    Select "Disable password expiration" as needed.
    Selecting this option disables the password expiration for the selected user, regardless of the password policy setting.

  9. Set a desired password.
    To inform the user of the login information via e-mail, refer to Sending Password and Login Information via E-mail.
    Click Settings to send the information by other means than e-mail.