Resetting Password

Article Number:020271

This page describes how to reset passwords.


  1. On the login screen, click Having Trouble Logging In?.
    Screenshot: "Having Trouble Logging In?" is highlighted

  2. Enter the e-mail address configured in the user information of Kintone. Screenshot: Resetting the password by entering an e-mail address

  3. Click Reset Password.

  4. You will receive an e-mail describing the way to reset the password.

  5. Click the URL shown in the e-mail to reset the password.

  6. Set your new password.
    Once you click Save, the login screen appears.

  7. Check that you can log in to the system using the new password.

If You Cannot Reset Your Password

If you are in one of the following situations, you must ask your administrator to change your password.

Clicking "Having Trouble Logging in?" Takes Me to the Help Page

If the following page appears, your administrator does not allow you to reset your password.
Cannot Log In to Kintone

You Forgot Your E-Mail Address Configured in the User Information

An e-mail containing password reset information will not be issued.

Even if you enter a different e-mail address other than the one configured in the user information of Kintone and click Reset Password, the password reset e-mail will not be issued.

The Password Reset E-Mail Does Not Have a URL to Reset the Password

If the same e-mail address is registered in multiple user information, the password cannot be reset.
The sender described below will send an e-mail to ask the user to contact the administrator.

E-mail example

Subject: [] Request to Reset Your Password

Sorry we cannot reset your password. Your e-mail address is used by two or more accounts.
Please contact your administrator.