User Details Fields

Article Number:020245

Fields for user details are categorized into the following two sections.

  • Basic Fields
  • Optional Fields

Basic Fields

User information used in all areas of
Fields with "*" are required.

Image of basic fields

Profile Picture

Select an image file with a size of 800 KB or less.
The following image file formats are acceptable:

  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • BMP


  • Display Name
    Enter the name of the user that will appear in the services.
    Usage Example of Display Names

  • Surname, Given Name
    Enter the surname and given name of the user.

  • Phonetic Name
    Enter the phonetic surname and given name of the user.

Login Name

An identifier used to log in to Kintone.
Rules for Login Name

E-mail Address

An e-mail address that the user uses.
This is used for e-mail notifications from the services and for resetting passwords.
Do not set a shared e-mail address.


Set a status for the user.
Click this to switch between "Active" and "Inactive".
Users with "Inactive" status cannot access to services.

Available Services

Services under contract and trial are listed.
Select the service names that you want to allow the user to use.
Changing Available Services (by Users)


Specify a department to which the user belongs and assign a job title to the user.
For the configuration procedures, refer to the following pages:

Priority Department

Specify a primary department to display in the fields such as Profile when the user belongs to multiple departments.

Two-Factor Authentication

The Two-Factor Authentication setting status appears.
Disable only appears to users who activated two-factor authentication.

If an administrator needs to prohibit users to use two-factor authentication in case of incidents such as lost mobile devices, click Disable.
To enable it again, the users themselves need to reconfigure it from their Profile.
Configure Two-Factor Authentication


Enter phone numbers (such as the user's extension and the department phone number) as necessary.


Enter URL such as the company website URL.
Ask users to enter their URLs for their SNS accounts and portfolios, if necessary.
Changing Profiles

Optional Fields

This section includes the optional information (such as the contact or the hire date) or configuration fields for user preferential languages or time zones.

Image showing the Optional fields

By default, the following fields are available.


Enter an extension number or mobile phone number.

Skype Name

When a Skype name is set, users can start Skype from a link on the "Profile" page.


Select the language used on the pages of the services.

Time Zone

Select the time zone used in the services.
List of Time Zones

Localized Name

Enter a name to be displayed in the specified language.
Displaying Localized User Names in Display Language

Custom Field

It is not displayed by default.
Additional custom fields, if any, follow "Localized Name".
Adding Custom Fields

Employee ID

Enter the ID of the employee.

Hire Date

Enter the hire date.


Enter the birthday.

Display Order

Enter an eight-digit integer greater than or equal to zero to specify the display order of the user.
User lists sort users in ascending order of this value.
Changing the Display Order of Users

About Me

Enter as needed.