Allow users to change password

Article Number:02053

You can decide whether to allow users to change their passwords. This setting is not applicable to Kintone guest users.

Allowing Users to Change Their Passwords

In the following cases, you need to allow users to change their passwords.

  • Allow users to reset their passwords
  • Force users to change their passwords periodically
  1. Click gear shaped administration menu icon in the header.

  2. Click Users & System Administration.
    Accessing Kintone Users & System Administration

  3. Click Login. Screenshot: "Login" is highlighted

  4. In the "Password Policy" section, select "Allow users to change password".
    Screenshot: "Allow users to change password" checkbox is selected

  5. Configure the following settings to meet your needs.
    Specifying Password Complexity and Password Expiration Period
    Allowing Users to Reset Their Passwords

  6. Click Save.

Prohibiting Users from Changing Their Passwords

Clear "Allow users to change password" in Step 4 above.

Consequences for password policy

When prohibiting password changes, the following options of password policy are grayed out and are not applied to users.

  • Minimum Number of Characters for the User Password
  • Minimum Number of Characters for the Administrator Password
  • Password Complexity
  • Login Name as Password
  • Password expiration period
  • Password Reuse Limit

Differences in Displaying Profile

The fields displayed in Profile vary depending on whether the administrators allow users to change passwords or not.

If users are allowed to change their passwords

Users can change their passwords from Profile.
Screenshot: The fields to enter current and new passwords are displayed

If users are prohibited to change their passwords

Password-related fields are not displayed in Profile.
Additionally, the password expiration setting is not applied. Screenshot: A message telling you that you must contact your administrator to change your password is displayed