Troubleshooting for Two-Factor Authentication

Article Number:020440

An Error Message Appears When I Enter a Verification Code

The verification code may have expired already.
Get a new verification code from the authentication app.

I Do Not Have a Mobile Device with Me Now

If you no longer have a mobile device you installed the authentication app because you lost it or bought a new one, you must contact your administrator to disable the two-factor authentication.

Changing the Mobile Device

If you want to change the mobile device used for two-factor authentication, perform the following actions.
Have the previous device and the new device ready at hand, and then perform the actions.

  1. Log in to

  2. Click icon to show menu beside the user name in the header.

  3. Click Account Settings.

  4. Click Login Name & Password.
    Screenshot: "Login Name & Password" is highlighted

  5. Disable the two-factor authentication.
    Screenshot: "Disable" is highlighted

  6. Enable two-factor authentication on the new device.
    Enabling Two-Factor Authentication