Adding Custom Fields

Article Number:020220

The following describes how to add custom fields to user information.


  1. Click the gear-shaped menu button in the header.

  2. Click Users & System Administration.

  3. Click Departments & Users.

  4. Click Profile Settings.
    Screenshot: "Profile Settings" is highlighted

  5. Click New in "Custom Fields". Screenshot: "New" is highlighted

  6. Enter the values for "Field Name" and "Field Code".
    Items to Be Configured Screenshot: The fields to add custom fields are displayed

  7. Click Save.

Description of Items to Be Configured

Field Name

This is displayed in user information and in the profile. You can enter up to 100 characters.

Field Code

A string to identify the field. Only alphanumeric characters and underscores (_) are acceptable. You can enter up to 100 characters.

You cannot set a field code that is identical to another custom field or the field code that has been created by the system.
Field Codes Used in the System

Field Type

Specify the type of the field. You cannot change the type after it is configured.

Specify to enter the field value in text format. You can enter up to 100 characters.
User selection
This is used for the process management of Kintone. For details, refer to the following page:
Example 1: Assigning Your Supervisor as an Assignee


Fields that should not be disclosed to all users, such as "Birthplace" or "Postal address", can be set as private.
If the field is not public, the custom field value can be checked only by the user and Kintone Users & System Administrators.

  • Users
    Users can check the custom field value on their "Profile" screens.
  • Kintone Users & System Administrators
    The administrators can check the custom field values for all users on the "Change User Information" screen.

Edit Permission

When you allow users to edit the values of custom fields, users can change them in their own profile.

Field Codes Used in the System

As the strings shown below are used by, they cannot be specified for field codes for custom fields.

  • display_name
  • display_name_language
  • nickname
  • foreign_key
  • locale
  • base
  • usergroups
  • primary_group
  • attendee
  • sort_key
  • email_address
  • description
  • post
  • telephone_number
  • url
  • image