An Error Message Appears

Article Number:020267

If you encounter an error message when accessing Kintone, find a proper solution based on the displayed error code and message.

Code: CB_NO02

Example of message:

No privilege to proceed.

For details, refer to the following page:
A "CB_NO02" error appears and I cannot access certain pages

Code: 403 Forbidden

Example of message:

Access is denied due to IP address restriction.

The access is restricted by IP address restriction. Try accessing Kintone from an IP addresses that are allowed for access.

If you do not know the IP addresses that are allowed for access, ask your administrator.

Code: 404 NotFound

Example of message:

This link is not valid.

Check the correct URL, and then try accessing it again.
If You Forget Your Login URL

Code: 429 Too Many Requests

Example of message:

Too many requests have been received.
Wait a while and try again later.

It is displayed when Kintone is receiving too many access requests from users and programs.
Wait for a while and then try accessing again.

Code: 503 Service Unavailable

Example of message:

The server temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

Kintone is under maintenance. Wait for a while, and then log in again.

Code: CB_IL02

Example of message:

Invalid request.

Wait for a while, and then log in again.