Checking and Disabling Active Integration Services

Article Number:020409

Users can check active integration services from Account Settings. You can also disable the integration services.
Steps to check and disable active integration services are described below, using the example of integrating Microsoft Power Automate and Kintone.

  1. Access your "Account Settings" screen.
    At the upper right corner of the screen, click icon to open menu to the right of the user name, and then click Account Settings in the drop-down list.
    Screenshot: Navigation to "Account Settings" in the header of the service
  2. Click "Integrations". Screenshot: "Integrations" is highlighted
  3. You can check which integration services are active. Services that are not being used currently are indicated with "Inactive". Screenshot: Available integration services and their status are displayed
  4. Click Expand icon to display a button that disables the integration and revokes permissions from the integrated service.
    Click "Disable Integration" to disable the active integration service. Screenshot: "Disable Integration" is highlighted