Switching to Different Display Language

Article Number:020410

Display language indicates the default language used in kintone.com.
When switching the display language to a different language, UI text languages such as names of buttons or links displayed on kintone.com will be changed.
This page describes varieties of display languages and how to switch them to a different language.

Varieties of Display Languages

The available display languages in Kintone are as follows:

  • Japanese
  • English
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
    Some screens may be displayed in English.

Changing the Display Language

  1. Click icon to open menu for the user name in the header.

  2. Click Account Settings.

  3. Click Edit icon for "Basic Profile". Screenshot: Edit icon is highlighted

  4. In "Language", select the desired language.
    Screenshot: "Language" is highlighted

  5. Click Save.
    Screenshot: "Save" is highlighted

  6. Check that the profile screen is displayed in the language selected in Step 4.