Adding Dynamic Groups

Article Number:020175
  1. Click gear shaped administration menu icon in the header.

  2. Click "Users & System Administration".
    Accessing Kintone Users & System Administration

  3. Click Groups (or Roles).
    Screenshot: "Groups (or Roles)" is highlighted

  4. Click one of the following options:

    • Add on the "Groups (or Roles)" box
    • New Group or Role in the box
      Screenshot: "Add" and "New Group or Role" are highlighted
  5. Enter information of the group (or role).
    Screenshot: The fields to enter group information (including "Name" and "Group Code") are displayed

    Field Description
    Name The group name will be displayed on the screen, including the kintone screen to configure permissions.
    Specify a name that best describes the group so that it will be easier to predict who belongs to the group.
    You cannot configure a group name that has already been used for another group or used by the system.
    Group (or Role) Name Used by the System
    Group Code A string to identify the group.
    Enter a text string that is not used for any other group codes.
    If you leave the field empty, an automatically generated code is configured.
    Membership Select Dynamic.
    Types of Groups (or Roles)
    Description Enter the description, including the purpose of using the group, and the notes on the attributes of members.
    You can check this description only in Kintone Users & System Administration. It will not be displayed on the screen of any other services.
  6. Click Save.

  7. Add members of a group (role).
    Proceed to the next page.
    Specifying Conditions for Dynamic Groups