Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

Article Number:020416

This page describes the steps to configure settings to log in to kintone.com using two-factor authentication.

The two-factor authentication is available when Kintone Users & System administrators allow users to use it.
Checking Availability of Two-Factor Authentication

Configuration Steps

STEP 1: Installing Authentication App

You need an authentication app to use two-factor authentication.
Install one of the apps below to your device.

iPhone or iPad

Android devices

STEP 2: Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

  1. Click icon to show menu beside the user name in the header.

  2. Click Account Settings.

  3. Click Login Name & Password.
    Screenshot: "Login Name & Password" is highlighted

  4. Click Enable in the Two-Factor Authentication section.
    Screenshot: "Enable" is highlighted
    The registration dialog for the two-factor authentication is displayed.
    Screenshot: Registration dialog for the two-factor authentication

  5. Scan the QR code shown on the dialog using the authentication app you installed in STEP 1.

  6. Enter the six-digit verification code generated by the authentication app into the entry field in the dialog.
    How Can I Get a Two-Factor Authentication Verification Code?
    Screenshot: A field to enter the verification code is displayed

  7. Click Enable.