Department Access Control

Article Number:020164

Department access control is a feature to restrict access to view department information and profiles of other users in different departments.

If department access control is enabled, the following restrictions will be applied.

  • Restrictions on viewing user profiles
  • Restrictions on search
  • Restrictions on viewing items and options
    Using user selection fields and recipients of comments are also restricted.

Example of Restricting Access to View User Profiles

If you added multiple affiliated companies in Kintone and enable department access control, the view access of user profiles will be restricted as follows:

Example of adding companies in Kintone
Affiliated Company A Affiliated Company B
  • User A
  • User B
  • User C
  • :
  • User D
  • User E
  • :
If department access control is not enabled:

The "Affiliated Company A" members can view not only the profiles of other members in the same company but also the profiles of User D and User E in a different company.

If department access control is enabled:

User A can only view the profiles of "Affiliated Company A" members.
The profiles of User D and User E in a different company are not accessible.
Example of restricting access to view user profiles

Enabling Department Access Control

  1. Read the following page to check what kind of restriction will be applied.
    Kintone Help: Restricting Visibility of Departments and User Details Across Different Top-Level Departments

  2. Check the department that the user belongs to.
    When department access control is enabled, only users who belong to the same top-level department can mutually access their profiles and department details. If they belong to the different top-level departments, they cannot access one another.
    Before enabling department access control, make sure you change the members as necessary.

  3. Click gear shaped administration menu icon in the header.

  4. Click "Users & System Administration".

  5. Click Department Access Control.
    Image of menu

  6. Select "Limit access across departments".
    Image showing the field

  7. Click Save.

  8. Notify users of restrictions on accessing profiles and department information, as necessary.