Group Information Fields

Article Number:020447

This page describes the fields you can configure as group information.


The group name will be displayed on the screen, including the Kintone screen to configure permissions.
Specify a name that best describes the group so that it will be easier to predict who belongs to the group.
You cannot configure a group name that has already been used for another group or used by the system.
Groups Created by the System

Group Code

The group code is a string to identify the group. Enter a text string that is not used for any other group codes.

When Automatically Created by the System

If you save the group without entering the group code, the system configures the group code. The group code can be changed later, if necessary.

When Manually Entered by Administrators

You can specify any string as a group code. For example, if you specify "members_joined_2022" as the group code, the code clearly tells the type of the group.

Membership Type

Select "Static" or "Dynamic".
Membership Type


Enter the description, including the purpose of using the group, and the notes on the attributes of members.
You can check this description only in Administration. It will not be displayed on the screen of any other services.