Checking Your Login History

Article Number:020414

You can view the history of logins to for the last two weeks. This helps you check for any unauthorized login by others.

Checking Your Login History

  1. Access your account settings.
    At the upper right corner of the screen, click icon to the right of the user name, and then select Account Settings in the drop-down list.
    Image of Account Settings
  2. Click the "Login History" tab.
    Image of checking login history
    • Active Sessions
      This lists up to 100 sessions that are currently active.
      An active session represents a connection on which you are logged in. If you are using multiple Web browsers or apps, even on a single device, the Web browsers or apps are listed as separate sessions.
    • History
      This displays your login history for the last two weeks.

What to Do If You Notice Suspicious Login

If "History" displays a login that you do not recognize, it might indicate an unauthorized login by a third party. Change your password immediately. You also should notify your administrator of the fact.
If "Active Sessions" also displays the unknown login, it might indicate that the third party is currently logged in. Click Icon to terminate the login session. Then, change your password.